Born in New York City, Nevil Jackson has spent much of his life surround by the arts and grew up pursuing photography, music, and ballet. After earning degree in Philosophy form Dickinson College, Nevil moved on to teach high school literature, where he fell in love with teaching and the power of story. Shortly after he went on to pursue a master’s degree at NYU’s Tisch Film School in Singapore, where he lived for three years, writing and shooting films throughout Asia. Upon his return to the US he’s worked as a cinematographer, writer, and photographer.

Nevil’s current photography project, This Is Person-all, aims at tackling the intersectionality of race, gender, conformity, and freedom, Nevil Jackson’s surrealist work explores the relationship between the chaotic, ever-examining subconscious, and the unaware self as it relates to identity and the struggle to exist beyond the confines of the mind. Nevil acts in, production designs, and photographs his internal worlds, truly making them self-portraits of the subconscious -- his work existing as an unfolding narrative that alludes to uniquely rich inner realms predicated on a subconscious history inextricably linked to the exterior world.